Discover the captivating world of Messianic fiction and fantasy with Shann Tajiah's unique collection of titles. From poetry to immersive storytelling, each book offers a thought-provoking journey into spiritual themes and biblical elements.

What sets the art of Messianic fiction and fantasy storytelling apart from other genres? Our stories are crafted with biblical elements, unique perspectives, and spiritual themes that transport readers to extraordinary realms of imagination. Experience the power of storytelling that goes beyond the ordinary and delves into the profound.

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Banished from society, and branded a witch, Javicia is left to die at the hands of the elements, or the savage beasts that guard the borders of Eeden.

The Foxkin have been guarding Eeden's secrets for generations, but the humans have become fearless and are willing to risk everything to discover what the beautiful forest hides.

Called by the Most High to stop the conflict, Javicia hides among the Foxkin, determined to leave humanity to its fate. But when the safety of those she loves is thrown into the balance, will she choose survival or sacrifice?

"Where I am, becomes where I've been..."

So begins the tale of a young woman's journey through the trenches of abuse as she fights toward the light.

Scraps of Love is a raw, unfiltered poetic journal that spans fourteen years, and explores the inner workings of a survivor's mind as she endures physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.

Using her only freedom, her poetic voice, Shann holds nothing back as she clings to hope. Along the way, she learns to redefine her role as victim for that of warrior, as she strives for a life of self-acceptance, freedom, and a future.