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New Year, New Goals

    Winter has arrived in Texas! I forget every year that our cold season is Jan/Feb, and we have been very spoiled this year with some beautiful weather.

    Last year brought some amazing opportunities. I will forever be grateful to Parker J. Cole for being part of my healing and writing journey. We ended the year with a bang - I got to speak with her about Scraps of Love  (listen here!), and then was blown away to learn that my testimony about living with D.I.D. was her second most listened to show of 2022. (Listen to the countdown here!)There are no words for how freeing this experience was for me, and I am so blessed to know that my story has helped others!

    Lyna and I opened 2023 by deciding to challenge ourselves for one final push to complete the first two books in the Children of Keshet series. We have decided that this is the year. I cannot wait to share more about this series!

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    Stay warm and safe!



                   Shann Tajiah

Work In Progress

    Thieves Like Us, book two of the Children of Keshet series is back on my desk for the first time since 2018!

    I am working to get reacquainted with the world and characters, and am enjoying being back in the writing partnership with my sister. We've had some great writing sessions together, and I am hopeful that we're going to finally get these stories into the world after so many years of struggle.

Random Happenings

Taking classes to become a certified book and writing coach

Still living tiny, but embracing more of a minimalist lifestyle

Continuing to enjoy my work as an Activity Director in LTC

What's On My Desk

  • Thieves Like Us - a Children of Keshet novel

  • A Tangle of Tent Posts - Characters/World Building

  • The Raphah - Messianic Fantasy - The second book from the East of Eeden series - Prepping

  • The Author Platform Roadmap - Final draft is finished and has been set aside before I start the edits.

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