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...minimalist, but with echoing emotions and implied endings. Poetry written in this way is something to be enjoyed... even by people who prefer metered rhymes.

Scraps of Love: Poetry from the Darkest Night

3/5 Stars - Peaks Journal Review, October 2018

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SHANN TAJIAH is an award winning poet and photographer. A Minnesota grown Texan, Shann envisioned herself as an author when she was eight. She continues to explore her wild mind through poetry, speculative science fiction, and photography. When she isn't writing or behind a camera, Shann can be found hiking, spending time with her family, sharing her writing journey on YouTube or cuddling her furred and feathered kids.

Shann's debut publication, Scraps of Love, is a poetry collection dedicated to twelve years of works centering around her survival of childhood abuse.Her second collection, The Talebearer will be released early 2021.

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There are many reasons for writer's block, but today I wanted to share my own experience with being triggered directly by my own writing, what I have learned through my experiences of being blocked for extended periods of time, and how I now choose to face these types of blocks head on.

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    The official Scraps of Love: Poetry From the Darkest Night book trailer featuring lines from a variety of poems contained in the book.

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Typewriter image by Florian Klauer on Unsplash