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Spring Has Arrived in TX!

    Please continue to keep Texas in your prayers! We are so dry and so desperate for rain and cooler temperatures. We are looking to have some relief this weekend, but we need days of soaking rain!
   The second edition of Scraps of Love is just about finished! You can grab a digital copy on Amazon, it is also free on Kindle Unlimited! The paperback is set to release June 21st.

   There are still a handful of first editions available in my shop, so if you want to get your hands on one, now is the time!

   In other news, I have added chickens to my life - I have a beautiful bunch of cute little bantam fluffs growing like weeds and I am so excited about these little babes!


                   Shann Tajiah

Work In Progress

     The Children of Keshet is haunting me ya'll! I am seriously thinking nonstop about Tzianne and her journey. I have also joined a critique/craft group, and we are dedicating our visits to writing together, which is going to be awesome and will help me give me some motivation to carve out the time I need so I have something to share at our meetings.

   The Raphah is also still in the planning phases, and I am considering recording an audio book version of The Shaloma.

   I am also getting ready to dive back into The Talebearer, but telling my story is difficult, so this one is likely to be a project for a while.

    As always, there's tons of dreams and plans, and I am so excited about the next phase in my publishing journey.

Random Happenings

Taking classes to become a certified book and writing coach

Still living tiny, but embracing more of a minimalist lifestyle

Chickens! Need I say more?

Continuing to enjoy my work as an Activity Director in LTC

What's On My Desk

  • The Children of Keshet - Space Opera - The first book from the series, picking it back up and writing it to the finish!
  • Creating a line of journals and organizers!
  • The Talebearer - Memoir - Still peeling away the layers.
  • The Raphah - Messianic Fantasy - The second book from the East of Eeden series - Prepping
  • The Author Platform Blueprint - turning this resource into a workbook to help authors launch their online presence.

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Typewriter image by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

Updated 02/28/2021